The MLED project gets a new website

Responsive DesignWelcome to the new MLED project website. You may wonder why we didn’t keep the previous layout with its handmade PHP/XHTML/CSS code base. The old bone-headed website may have had its charms, unfortunately it proved to be a bit klutzy on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. And since these devices seem to be increasingly popular, we decided to move this website to a responsive layout in order to keep up with the latest trends. Not to forget the fact that search engines like Google show an increasing tendency to “forget” non-responsive websites in their search results.

Under the hood, the new website now uses a WordPress content management system combined with a hacked Zerif Lite theme. The global structure of the old site has been preserved, with a few incremental and non-dramatic improvements. The documentation has been moved from PDF to a series of online pages. And of course, the whole website is still hosted on one of my public servers running Slackware – what else?


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