March 2, 2017

Getting Help

Struggling with your MLED installation? Needing some help with your system configuration? Here’s where to turn to if things don’t go as expected and you need help, or if you simply want to discuss MLED or read about the latest happenings in MLED development.


MLED Mailing ListJoin the MLED Mailing List

The best place to get MLED-specific help as well as the latest news is the MLED Mailing List.

This mailing list is MLED’s primary communication channel.


MLED ForumUse the forums

Before heading off to LQ, make sure to know if your question relates either to Slackware Linux in general or to MLED specifically.

I’m user kikinovak on LQ, and I’m a regular member on both forums.


Professional HelpGet professional support

If you’re a company, you might need professional support, e. g. someone to yell at when things go wrong. My France-based company Microlinux installs Linux servers, desktops and networks and provides support for them.