March 3, 2017

Support the MLED project with a donation

Microlinux“Why donate money?”

MLED is a free software project in both meanings of the term. It’s “free” as in “free speech” as well as in “free beer”. Development is happening in my spare time, and it is currently only funded by my own company Microlinux, whereof I’m not only the CEO, but also chief developer, tech support, webmaster, server admin, marketing consultant, secretary, cook and sole employee. All in one person.


Espresso“How is the money used?”

The money is used to finance the needs of the software project, to pay for hosting, to purchase equipment as well as large quantities of italian coffee to fuel the development process.


“What’s the long-term plan for MLED?”

MLED’s ambition is to compete with projects backed by obscenely huge companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Red Hat and Novell by providing the best possible solution for an enterprise-class Linux desktop where everything works out of the box. It’s based on Slackware Linux and aims to provide an enhanced production desktop for every stable Slackware release.


“What amount can I donate?”

The important thing for people is to give, and for the project to continue, so any amount starting from a single euro or a single US dollar is welcome.

Paypal in Euros

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Latest donations

A big warm “Thank you!” goes out to the following donators:

Date Donor Country Amount donated
2017-03-11 Alexander Schultz Germany 10,00 €
2016-08-05 Christophe Desquesnes France 10,00 €
2016-02-02 Laurent Wielanek Sweden 30,00 €
2015-12-02 Anonymous Company France New HP Build Server
2015-11-08 Keith Burnett United Kingdom 25,00 €
2014-12-01 Harald Achitz Sweden 25,00 €
2014-03-31 Jean-Pierre Antinoux France 50,00 €
2014-01-14 Ferenc Kurucz Ireland 20,00 €
2013-12-17 Guilhem Vidal France 50,00 €
2013-11-26 Gabor Kovacs Austria 100,00 €
2013-11-25 Christophe Nguyen Minh Tanh France 30,00 €