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Microlinux Enterprise Desktop MLED

A full-blown production desktop based on Slackware Linux and the Xfce desktop environment
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Project Overview

A short presentation of the MLED project: some background, possible use cases, target audience, hardware requirements, support cycles, etc.

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MLED Features

A detailed list of software components included in MLED: applications, plugins, fonts, system utilities, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where’s the installation ISO? Why is MLED based on Xfce? Can I do an offline installation? How do I configure my audio, my wifi, my printer, my scanner and my webcam?

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Like its upstream Slackware Linux base, MLED is not a hold-your-hand system, so reading the documentation is mandatory.

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Getting Help

Struggling with your MLED installation? Needing some help with your system configuration? Here’s where to turn to if things don’t go as expected and you need help.

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Why Slackware?

MLED is based on Slackware Linux. Here’s a list of ten good reasons why we chose one of the oldest surviving Linux distributions as a base system.

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ChangeLogs & RSS Feeds

The latest happenings in Microlinux Enterprise Desktop & Server Development can be seen by looking at the ChangeLogs and by subscribing to the respective RSS feeds.

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Server packages

MLES repositories provide a collection of server-related packages commonly missing in Slackware Linux.

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Under the hood

Follow MLED & MLES development on Github. If you’re an admin or a technically savvy user, feel free to copy what you need or to fork the whole project.

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Packages & Source Code

Package repositories and source code archives for all versions and architectures of MLED and MLES.

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MLED Sponsoring

MLED is a one-man project with limited resources. Support the project with any amount you like, to pay for coffee, hosting and equipment.

MLED doesn't ship on its own installation ISO. All you need is a Slackware Linux installation medium.

Why choose MLED?

MLED is a full-blown production desktop based on Slackware Linux and the Xfce desktop environment, with many enhancements.
Stable. Fast. Functional.

The Microlinux Enterprise Desktop is currently used by various small town halls, public libraries, schools and local radio stations in South France. MLED is not some derivative distribution. It provides extra packages for Slackware through a series of package repositories that can be easily managed through Slackware's package manager. These package sets are installed on top of a trimmed-down but otherwise mostly unaltered Slackware base system. A handful of stock Slackware packages have been rebuilt for enhanced functionality.

  • MLED is built on top of Slackware Linux, a notoriously robust system. Only proven and tested software gets added to MLED.

  • MLED runs satisfyingly even on obsolete hardware, due to Slackware's low overhead and the cholesterol-free Xfce desktop. On more recent hardware, MLED runs blazingly fast.

  • MLED provides multimedia codecs, plugins, fonts and translations, as well as a full choice of applications, one per task. Elegant and sober artwork fit for use in a corporate environment is included.

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